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CVR Associates

Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

Asset Repositioning

​The CVR team works with Housing Authorities to determine the highest and best use of their affordable housing assets to guide significant financial and sustainable policy decisions.

CVR prepares a Vision Book that includes repositioning/ redevelopment options for each of the Authority’s assets, while determining the comprehensive impact of alternatives on the Authority’s entire portfolio and central office cost center operations. The analysis considers the opportunities and challenges; a review of repositioning alternatives including conversion, disposition, demolition, sale, reuse, and/or redevelopment; the potential impacts of each recommendation; and the projected costs and timelines for each option.

Livability Assessment

  • Conduct a livability assessment of the neighborhoods where the Authority’s assets are located, using the Partnership for Sustainable Communities (HUD, DOT, EPA) model
  • Review access to transportation; proximity to job centers, grocery stores, schools, parks and healthcare facilities; and current local and federal target investment areas
  • Evaluate socio-economic variables, including poverty, unemployment rate and educational attainment, as well housing characteristics including median rent, home value, vacancy rate and homeownership trends

Asset Review and Analysis

  • Assess immediate and long-term capital and operational needs and goals of the Authority
  • Review Authority portfolio information including physical condition, recent capital investment and current operating viability
  • Determine the characteristics of households residing in Authority properties and demand for Authority sites from waiting lists and other housing reports

Strategy Development

  • Assess existing financing programs to determine suitability
  • Determine if RAD, CNI, Mixed-Finance, LIHTC, disposition/demolition, CFFP or Voluntary Conversion are feasible options
  • Conduct planning and design charrettes with Authority Executive Team to discuss how each of these sites could be integrated into the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Provide design concepts and potential density considerations

Vision Book

  • Design a Vision Book that provides a well-organized, streamlined tool for Authority team members to reference during implementation
  • Develop repositioning/redevelopment recommendations for the Authority’s assets
  • Provide an implementation strategy with action items, timelines and activity tracking tools