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CVR Associates

Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

​Mixed-Finance Development / Modernization

For nearly two decades the CVR team has assisted housing agencies with over $2 billion in affordable housing investment. CVR’s multi-disciplinary team includes experts in technology, planning, architecture, engineering, construction and asset management. CVR is intimately familiar with HUD processes and regulations and has served as a contractor to HUD on numerous engagements.

Mixed-Finance Development

  • Develop a feasible mixed finance program and associated schedules and budgets
  • Select a Development Partner, negotiate the Development Agreement and provide oversight
  • Focus on quality design, energy conservation and green technologies
  • Prepare the HUD mixed finance proposal, rental term sheet and review evidentiary submissions
  • Confirm HUD program and contract compliance throughout the construction period

Financial Advisory Services

  • Assess the feasibility of multiple funding sources
  • Draft applicable funding applications (LIHTC, RAD, CNI, CFFP, FHLB-AHP)
  • Identity lenders and investors and negotiate terms that are in the best interests of the Housing Authority

Demolition/Disposition and Acquisition Approvals

  • Assess feasibility of Special Applications Center (SAC) demolition/ disposition approval or Field Office for approval acquisition
  • Complete application process and conduct follow up to obtain approval

Project Implementation

  • Continue to ensure that the best interests of the authority are served
  • Procure contractors and monitor contract compliance
  • Monitor project schedules and budgets
  • Complete grant monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Provide training as desired and advise the Authority on best practices