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CVR Associates

Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

​Inspections Services

CVR can provide agencies with a solid solution for managing and innovating inspections operations. With the new flexibility offered by HUD for Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections, CVR can design a solution that minimizes cost while maintaining unit integrity and compliance. CVR can provide ongoing inspections services as well as rent reasonableness surveys and compliance assessments.

Inspections Management System

CVR has also developed a technology tool called the Inspections Management System that can be configured easily to meet client needs.

Inspections Management System Features

  • Mobile app for conducting inspections and taking photos
  • Web-based inspections and route management tool
  • Storage of letters, reminder and special calls, emails, texts and notes
  • Meaningful reports and abatement tracking

Online Inspections Portal

CVR's Inspections Portal is an online tool that allows owners and tenants the ability to view inspection appointments and results 24 hours a day, from any web enabled device.

Development of HQS Handbook

Equipped with years of experience and knowledge, the CVR team has the ability to develop a handbook for property owners, detailing the HUD and local Housing Quality Standards guidelines. These handbooks can be created in both a printed and digital format.

IMS Web Application

IMS Mobile Application
​ ​
Online Inspections Portal

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