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CVR Associates

Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

​​​Training and Customer Support

CVR has the capacity to manage small call center teams, as well as provide Customer Service Training, covering various customer service related topics, for your existing staff.

Call Center Staffing and offsite Call Center Management

CVR will apply its expertise to help agencies achieve and exceed performance goals for customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and key performance metrics.  Our customized staffing analysis and forecasting models ensure optimal staffing levels to maintain call volume and manage call center operations at peak efficiency. CVR also designs training curriculums for Call Center Representatives which includes detailed coverage of policies, procedures and guidelines to advise clients, guide and direct the outcome of each interaction and build positive relationships with customers.

Customer Service Training

CVR recognizes that customer perception is the primary factor which determines the success of an organization. To demonstrate our understanding that each client interaction requires a different and specific level of attention, CVR takes a flexible, team-based approach to develop initial and refresher training courses that are customized for each position of our client’s agencies. The instruction includes understanding what customer service is, professional customer interaction standards, advanced de-escalation techniques and professional communication.  The success of CVR’s Customer Service training methods have been recognized nationwide.