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CVR Associates

Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

​Quality Control Management & SharePoint Tools

CVR’s has developed Quality Control Software and customized technology tools that can be configured easily to meet client needs and work together with existing software and products. Additionally, CVR provides a high level of data security for all of its hosted products and tools.

Quality Control Management System

CVR’s Quality Control Management System is a dynamic, configurable web-based file review software that allows agencies and properties to modify file review templates based on internal policies and terminology. All reviews are tracked, and correction tasks are assigned and tracked.


  • Functionality for multiple reviews for type of reviewer, transaction type, and audit purpose
  • Default file review templates ready for maximum compliance, including SEMAP and RIM
  • File review and correction task assignment, tracking, and reminders
  • Personalized home page for each user
  • Robust report engine to pinpoint concerns and training opportunities
  • Designed to integrate data from external software systems

SharePoint  Tools

CVR’s customized SharePoint tools help increase timeliness and productivity. Options include a Reception Tracker to monitor customer wait times and appointment schedules. Other tools allow tracking the progress on completing re-certifications, moves or any operational task.